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Re: dinosaur survived past asteroid impact


From there:

 "But, clearly, not all species (of dinosaurs) became extinct," said
 Heaman. "And so could there be some sort of micro-environment where
 these dinosaurs perhaps had an oasis or a haven where they could

An oasis or haven that persists for _seven hundred thousand years_, and even though a population of sauropods survives in it, no dinosaurs ever spread out of it?

That just doesn't make the slightest ecological sense.

What I suspect is going on is miscalibration between U-Pb and Ar-Ar or something. The age of 65.5 Ma for the K-Pg boundary comes, IIRC, from an Ar-Ar analysis; a U-Pb age for the impact is, however, 64.98 +- 0.05 Ma. While 64.8 still lies outside that range, it's damn close, and the news article doesn't say what the error bar on that age is like.

And while I am at it, I hate it when news articles are 10 or 15 years behind the times:

 Recent studies have challenged that theory include some suggesting a
 series of meteorite impacts caused the dinosaurs to disappear and
 others positing massive volcanic eruptions that triggered deadly,
 planetwide climate disturbances.

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