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Re: dinosaur survived past asteroid impact

> And while I am at it, I hate it when news articles are 10
> or 15 years behind the times

Of course the first sign they are behind the times, is not mentioning that the 
bird lineage of dinosaurs did survive (which could be used to argue its 
plausible others survived for a while as well, kind of like non cynodont 
synapsids did linger on for a while after the permian extinction, and how 
Temnospondyls lingers on as late as the cretaceous in Australia)

Here is another article behind the times:

They talk about theories that the dinosaurs were wiped out by a super volcano 
in that one... their link it to a story about the Permian extinction...

Faux (err I mean Fox) news had an article about a year back on volcanos and the 
permian extinction (I believe it dealt with a particular type of coal dating 
from that time possibly causing extra health issues in china when burned)....

And then it went on to discuss how these finding caused a "controversy" as the 
accepted cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs was a meteor.
The writer couldn't be bothered to do a little research and find out that there 
were about 200 million years separating the events they were mentioning.