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Re: Egyptian National Museum


Since the military made the "glorious" choice to protect the Interior Ministry 
(also known as Torture Ministry or "The Dungeon") instead of the museum, the 
latter is now a target of opportunity for criminals, mostly police thugs that 
found themselves unemployed on Saturday morning, their headquarters torched, 
and not safe to walk the streets lest their victims recognized them.

The Army is sometimes supposed to still "protect" the museum, but their 
presence is at best intermittent, and there are strong rumors it's mostly to 
help themselves.

No details yet, but it seems the King Tut collection is hardest hit. Fossils 
are probably not interesting but large specimens are possibly affected by 
thrashing of cabinets and furniture, and small specimens kept in boxes would of 
course be looked at and discarded if they didn't glitter and shine.

Looters tend to smash display cases with apparently valuable content, appraise 
the artfacts (sometimes breaking them in the process) and either pocket them or 
discard them, for the next looter to trample to the dust. 

Some info (mostly in German), video and pictures:


"It seems to me that Hosni Mubarak is living in an alternative unicverse"
(via http://english.aljazeera.net/watch_now/)

With some friends I have tried to get connectivity with Egypt and we have been 
having it with fair consistency The general situation, as far as I can make it 

The biggest problem facing Egypt now (apart from the political/military 
standoff) is the fact that Mubaraks last orders, before he went into his 
hideout, was to order his thugs to release the violent criminals and then 
themselves disperse and go on a rampage. Looters that are being arrested (the 
Army actually does a mostly good job processing the criminals caught by the 
"citizens' vigilantes" which have formed to protect neighborhoods) tend to be 
either the ultra-poor, criminals set free by the regime, or (and this is the 
case very often) carry government-issue items, police weapons and ID marks.

It has transpired to people in Egypt that the Western media is generally doing 
an crap job (mostly not being on ground when it blew up and reluctant to insert 
more than a basic team; this unfortunate coincidence may be worthy to point out 
if locals are angry - ignorance of the West not malice). Stil. Egypt has ceased 
being a safe country for foreigners as of now.

Know anyone still stuck there? Do not travel alone. If hassled by  vigilantes 
and hitting language barrier "Tahrir?" ("Liberation") should determine 
factional allegiance (presumably, 80-95% seem to be in favor so its, generally 
a safe guess).