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Re: Pterosaur lifestyle logistics


As far as I can see, there probably wasn't much difference between the
guts of pterosaurs and birds. I would expect pterosaurs to be able to
excrete waste in a bird-like fashion. Their excreta was almost certainly
similar, for one thing, so there's probably no reason why it couldn't be
ejected in the same way. 



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>>> Sam Barnett <sam.horus@gmail.com> 29/01/2011 00:01 >>>
Evening all, odd question for the pterosaur experts out there: birds
can excrete waste mid-leap/flight while mammals cannot.  Which is most
likely for pterosaurs?  The article on the egg texture and its
implications for the idea of bird-like pterosaur nests have made me
question how bird-like I've assumed these creatures to be.