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Re: It's funny because it's true...(2)

Too bad Ed Wood isn't alive. He was a genius in the use of stock footage in mangled movies.


On 7/1/2011 12:16 AM, Choo, Brian wrote:
Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
Ugh. Seriously, this has a great potential for catastrophe. Because in order to fill a 24 hr 
channel with>programming, you need filler. If you think that we have insipid hack-job 
documentaries on now, wait until the>production companies start making whole new series 
re-editing previous material to create "new" shows to fill>the space.
Erm... hasn't this dystopian nightmare already come into fruition with "Dino 
Lab" (Discovery Channel, 2006) which relied almost entirely on mangled stock footage 
of When Dinosaurs Roamed America and Dinosaur Planet? Coelophysis standing in for 
Troodon... Vivid narrative descriptions of the three-horns of Triceratops set to visuals 
of Zuniceratops...



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