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Re: It's funny because it's true...(2)

Right. Look at the History channel and the Discovery channel for examples. More often than not they go for gee-whiz tabloid-style reporting, with about as much credibility.
Scott Perry
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The danger would be that the dinosaurs would actually get
louder and noisier; whereas on tv, they can run around on
mute while the scientist talks about the dinosaur.

If they ever let us get more than a sentence or two (or dare I say, a paragraph?!?) strung together rather than just using the "sound-bitiest" snippets from us, interspersed with less-than-well-informed narrations.

 I think there's a paleontology channel in development;

Ugh. Seriously, this has a great potential for catastrophe. Because in order to fill a 24 hr channel with programming, you need filler. If you think that we have insipid hack-job documentaries on now, wait until the production companies start making whole new series re-editing previous material to create "new" shows to fill the space.

(Heck, if CNN and company can't fill 24 hour news channels with, you know, news, how much worse is a 24 hr paleo channel going to

Honestly, I think the documentary industry would be well-served if they could go back to the 30 minute format: especially as most 1
hour long programs are already about 50% repetition anyway.

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