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Re: Oliver Rauhut's 'Basal Theropod Dinosaurs' opus

 I was wondering if anybody had a spare copy or a copy they'd be
 willing to sell of Oliver Rauhut's 'The interrelationships and
 evolution of basal theropod dinosaurs.' It isn't available through
 the Palaeontological Association's website, and all of the copies on
 Amazon are WAY out of my price range ($140-$300!).

 I've had my school library's copy checked out since 2009, but I'm
 graduating this summer, so it has to be returned soon. It's a great

Why don't you simply photocopy it all? That would take maybe an hour, and if you can't do it for free in your university, there are places where it's cheap. I did this a few times.

I don't think anybody on the planet has a _spare_ copy of that one. :-)