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Re: More fighting dinosaurs

This sale was discussed on vrtpaleo a while ago. The fighting pair was not studied. It is not even clear that they were "fighting" or what constitutes the Allosaurus jaw "wrapped" around the Stegosaurus leg. Nor is it clear how complete either specimen is. The Morrison Formation is not the kind of environment that would produce large sand slumps that would bury two battling dinosaurs instantaneously, a la the famous Velociraptor - Protoceratops pair. Another item sold at that auction was a Triceratops skeleton in which a skull was combined with a postcranium found 750 feet away to produce a skeleton. A dubious referral scientifically although maybe not commercially.


On 7/3/2011 3:36 AM, John Hunt wrote:
I know we are not supposed to discuss commercial activities but I have just
seen this:


Was any proper science done on this find?

Also, following on from the dinosaur gangs stuff, did Bakker ever publish on
his Allosaurus lair at Nail Quarry?