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RE: Cameron the baby tyrannosaur

Because it's from the Horseshoe Canyon Formation, the sediments are generally 
mud and sandstones that preserve objects well in three dimensions, but not 
non-bony tissues (highly organic environment means rapid decay of tissues). So, 
sadly, no. There are very few lagerstaetten in the Late Cretaceous, and the 
only tyrannosaurs from them is *Dilong paradoxus* which, unfortunately, has 
well preserved integument, but is poor on the three dimensionality; likewise, 
*Guanlong wucaii* from the Shishugou Formation preserves dimensionality very 
well -- see http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1b/Guanlong.jpg -- 
but again no tissues. So far, it's either/or.


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> If it's a baby tyrannosaur, is there any signs if it had feathers? The
> theory is that adult tyrannosaurs didn't have feathers because they were so
> large, like elephants and hippopottamuses, but baby tyrannosaurs hatched as
> cute fluffy chicks.
> Dora
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> > Hi all; sorry for the double posting
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> > Just curious what size this animal is; has anyone done any measurements of
> > this specimen?
> >
> > http://www.siyehdevelopment.com/cameron.html
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> > It says on this website that the specimen was collected and prepared by
> > the Museum of the Rockies.
> > Does it have a specimen number?
> >
> > Bruce
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