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Re: Gargantuavis a bird, not a pterosaur

Does anyone know off hand what excludes the possibility that Gargantuavis
was an oviraptorosaur?

> From: Ben Creisler
> bh480@scn.org
> A new online article:
> Eric Buffetaut and Jean Le Loeuff (2011)
> Gargantuavis philoinos: Giant bird or giant pterosaur?
> Annales de Paléontologie (advance online publication)
> doi:10.1016/j.annpal.2011.05.002
> http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0753396911000061
> Gargantuavis philoinos was described as a giant terrestrial bird on the
> basis of various postcranial elements (synsacrum and pelvis, femur) from
> Late Cretaceous (Campanian-Maastrichtian) localities in Southern France.
> It
> has recently been suggested that these remains in fact belong to giant
> pterosaurs. A detailed comparison between bones referred to Gargantuavis
> and the corresponding skeletal elements of pterosaurs reveals considerable
> differences and confirms the avian nature of Gargantuavis. The broad
> pelvis
> of Gargantuavis is similar to that of various extinct graviportal
> terrestrial birds.
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