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Re: Pterosaur morphological evolution

On 6 July 2011 19:05, Habib, Michael <MHabib@chatham.edu> wrote:
> Looks to be a very interesting paper!  Pretty impressive for a Masters Thesis 
> project, too.

Yes, it's a model example of how a good Masters should turn out.

> My only disappointment was the caption of the press release labeling 
> Quetzalcoatlus as "probably flightless" - considering that Mark Witton and I 
> wrote an entire PLoS ONE manuscript debunking this idea (more or less), it 
> was a bit annoying.  But so it goes.

This image is in the paper itself, too -- and the caption again says
that Quetz was probably flightless.  Odd, since the only mention of
flightlessness in the body of the text says that no flightless
pterosaurs are known.

-- Mike.