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Shameless self-promotion (again)

Hi folks,

As some people have already noticed through the University of Bristol's
recent press release (http://www.bris.ac.uk/news/2011/7742.html), I've
recently set up my own website as a portfolio for my artwork,
publications and a little background about what I (try to) do for a
living. Being blessed with no imagination whatsoever (and egotistical
enough that having my own name as a '.com' was irresistible), the URL is
simply http://www.markwitton.com.

Pages of note include a full list of my technical publications (many of
which can be downloaded, including some that are hard to find/require
specific subscriptions to access), a whole suite of new pictures and a
buttload of details about my upcoming Princeton University Press book,
'Pterosaurs' (including a full contents list, preview imagery and a
short sample chapter). 

Please let me know what you think: suggestions and comments are
welcome. I'm sure there will be some teething problems, so let me know
if you have any functionality issues. 




Dr. Mark Witton
Palaeobiology Research Group
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Portsmouth
Burnaby Building
Burnaby Road

Tel: (44)2392 842418
E-mail: Mark.Witton@port.ac.uk

If pterosaurs are your thing, be sure to pop by:

- Pterosaur.Net: www.pterosaur.net
- The Pterosaur.Net blog: http://pterosaur-net.blogspot.com/
- My pterosaur artwork: www.flickr.com/photos/markwitton