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Re: Pterosaur morphological evolution

If Azhdarchids were flightless, how did they defend themselves from
the big predators? E.g. Tyrannosaurids. Their running abilities would
need to be at least on pair with giraffes as in the analogy, but they
look quite clumsy (well, their long limbs look less clumsy than most
pterosaurs) with their folded wings and membranes? (Or did they lost
the membranes?) Even with that, were they fast enough to avoid the
theropods? Is there any study on their "running" capacities?
If they faced a tyrannosaurid I think their lightness due to their
ancestor flight path would be a disavantage, against a several tonnes
Tyrannosaurid. The bill could be of some use, but how powerful was it
after being also very light?