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Re: Pterosaur morphological evolution

Mark Witton <Mark.Witton@port.ac.uk> wrote:

> On a related note, has anyone ever wondered why
> Raeticodactylus/Caviramus has such a narrow humeral diaphysis? It's
> seriously stick thin. It's still got a large DPC and flight finger,
> though, so I don't know that it necessarily reflects flightless habits.
> Interestingly, its femur is probably more robust than its humerus, a
> feature only otherwise seen in Preondactylus. Looks to me like
> Raeticodactylus/Caviramus is just begging for some a nice biomechanical
> investigation of its limb strength: it would be particularly interesting
> to know if it could quad launch.

_Raeticodactylus_ also has a femoral head that is perpendicular to the
shaft, as in dinosaurs (this was noted in the original description:
Stecher, 2008).  So maybe it was better at bipedal launching?