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Re: Australodocus a titanosauriform and other new papers

 "Genera" have baggage, and I argue this as well. They do not mean

...but they should. That would make a lot of things easier.

 Taylor argued that, arbitrarily but based on Linnaean precedent,
 elevating a "subgenus" to "genus" was the useful thing at this point

No, Paul had already done that. Taylor only resurrected that genus from synonymy.

 Because there is no _science_ inherent in the Linnaean System -- that
 is to say, in the Popperian sense, it makes no disprovable argument
 -- its value is reduced. I argue that it becomes art. *Giraffatitan*
 is art, and so is the "genus." We can also argue about _species_
 being art, but that's slightly different (and again because it's
 laden with baggage).

That's all true. The argument is that *Giraffatitan brancai* is better art than *Brachiosaurus brancai*.