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Sauropods in new Nature issue

From: Ben Creisler

The new issue of Nature (475: July 14, 2011)
has a feature on sauropods (Dinosaurs: Rise of the titans) and a commentary
by Brian Switek about the AMNH exhibit. These items are accessible to
subscribers only, however. 

Dinosaurs: Rise of the titans
The sauropods were the biggest creatures ever to walk the planet. But the
keys to their success emerged in their tiny ancestors.
These small creatures and their descendants gradually acquired adaptations
that changed how they ate, moved and breathed ? in ways that would later
enable sauropods to achieve their size.

Palaeontology: Living it large
DOI: doi:10.1038/475172a 

Brian Switek swoons over a New York exhibition that brings giant sauropods
back to life.

Review of The World's Largest Dinosaurs

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