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Re: Dino species count

Rescued from truncation:

Hi=2C I work at Thinktank Science Museum in Birmingham=2C where we have a d=
inosaur exhibition at the moment. I've had a few questions that I have no i=
dea how to answer and haven't been able to find any answers for by googling=
  and hoped someone could help.I've heard and read that only approx 2% of al=
l dinosaur species have been found. Where does this number come from and ho=
w was it worked out?And how many dinosaurs lived in total? -there are about=
  6 billion humans alive today=2C so how many individual dinos were there? I=
  know its virtually impossible to know for definate=2C but are there any es=
timates and what were they based on? Thanks=2CMatt Larvan=2CEducation Offic=
er/Senior EnablerThinktank Science Museum=2C Birmingham