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Re: Dino species count

At 7:05 PM +0100 7/13/11, Matt Larvan wrote:
>I've heard and read that only approx 2% of all dinosaur species have been
>found. Where does this number come from and how was it worked out?And how
>many dinosaurs lived in total?

I don't know about the percentage of species that have been found, but a
few years ago Peter Dodson and I tried to estimate the percentage of genera
that have been found (we didn't think species taxonomy was reliable enough
to run our analysis at the species level). We estimated that around 29% of
dinosaur genera that could be discovered have actually been discovered (527
of about 1850). That paper is now five years old so that estimate is out of
date, but that's what we came up with at that time.

You can download a copy of the paper here:


It's paper #7.

Best regards,


Steve C. Wang
Associate Professor of Statistics
Swarthmore College