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Azhdarcho and pterosaur parasite papers: free pdfs

From: Ben Creisler

A couple of papers came out last year. The pdfs can be downloaded for free.

This older paper has apparently not been cited on the DML yet.

A.O. Averianov (2010)
The osteology of Azhdarcho lancicollis Nessov, 1984 (Pterosauria,
Azhdarchidae) from the Late Cretaceous of Uzbekistan. 
Proceedings of the Zoological Institute RAS 314(3): 264-317 
articles in English for the journal can be downloaded for free:
free pdf of Azhdarcho article:

The osteology of the azhdarchid pterosaur Azhdarcho lancicollis Nessov,
1984 from the Late Cretaceous (Turonian of Uzbekistan is described in
detail based on more than 200 bone fragments representing several skull
bones, cervical and dorsal vertebrae, pectoral girdle, and limb bones.
Azhdarcho lancicollis is characterized by relatively short dentary
symphysis and hyperelongated middle cervical vertebrae. The relative length
of the cervicals is expressed by the formula I+II < III < IV < V > VI > VII
> VIII > IX. The osteology in all azhdarchids is remarkable uniform but
Azhdarcho can be distinguished from all other known azhdarchid genera. The
phylogenetic analysis showed that the Turonian Azhdarcho and the Santonian
Bakonydraco occupy a phylogenetic position basal to the Campanian
Zhejiangopterus and the Maastrichtian Quetzalcoatlus. 

Pterosaur parasites:

This paper was cited on the DML last year. However, I don't recall mention
that the pdf is available for free.
free pdf:

Vransky, P., Ren, D., and Shih, C. 2010. Nakridletia ord. n. -- enigmatic
insect parasites support sociality and endothermy of pterosaurs. AMBA
Projekty 8(1): 1-16. 

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