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Re: Azhdarcho and pterosaur parasite papers: free pdfs

My thanks for the pterosaur parasite paper especially.  That is one of the
most interesting things I have seen on here in ages.  Keep up the weird
stuff :)


        Clair Ossian

On 7/18/11 11:01 AM, "bh480@scn.org" <bh480@scn.org> wrote:

> From: Ben Creisler
> bh480@scn.org
> A couple of papers came out last year. The pdfs can be downloaded for free.
> This older paper has apparently not been cited on the DML yet.
> A.O. Averianov (2010)
> The osteology of Azhdarcho lancicollis Nessov, 1984 (Pterosauria,
> Azhdarchidae) from the Late Cretaceous of Uzbekistan.
> Proceedings of the Zoological Institute RAS 314(3): 264-317
> articles in English for the journal can be downloaded for free:
> http://www.zin.ru/journals/trudyzin/eng/contents.html#
> free pdf of Azhdarcho article:
> http://www.zin.ru/journals/trudyzin/doc/vol_314_3/TZ_314_3_Averyanov.pdf
> Abstract
> The osteology of the azhdarchid pterosaur Azhdarcho lancicollis Nessov,
> 1984 from the Late Cretaceous (Turonian of Uzbekistan is described in
> detail based on more than 200 bone fragments representing several skull
> bones, cervical and dorsal vertebrae, pectoral girdle, and limb bones.
> Azhdarcho lancicollis is characterized by relatively short dentary
> symphysis and hyperelongated middle cervical vertebrae. The relative length
> of the cervicals is expressed by the formula I+II < III < IV < V > VI > VII
>> VIII > IX. The osteology in all azhdarchids is remarkable uniform but
> Azhdarcho can be distinguished from all other known azhdarchid genera. The
> phylogenetic analysis showed that the Turonian Azhdarcho and the Santonian
> Bakonydraco occupy a phylogenetic position basal to the Campanian
> Zhejiangopterus and the Maastrichtian Quetzalcoatlus.
> Pterosaur parasites:
> This paper was cited on the DML last year. However, I don't recall mention
> that the pdf is available for free.
> free pdf:
> Vransky, P., Ren, D., and Shih, C. 2010. Nakridletia ord. n. -- enigmatic
> insect parasites support sociality and endothermy of pterosaurs. AMBA
> Projekty 8(1): 1-16.
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