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Re: Microraptor Wings

Jaime Headden <qi_leong@hotmail.com> wrote:

>   Perhaps, like some wasps, it used its claws to "probe" certain parts of the 
> sauropod brain and steered it like the sauropod was a giant zombie bus. 
> Theropods rule, sauropods (literally!) drool. This
> zombie-esque quality, unfortunately, likely resulted in an unhealthy taste 
> for [sauropod] brains, which explains the relative lack of preserved sauropod 
> skulls. So sad.

I think you've just come up with the plot for the next _Jurassic Park_
movie!  It might actually be an improvement on the last one.

All (bad) jokes aside... is the
sauropod-mind-control/brain-eating-zombie-raptor hypothesis any less
plausible than the hypothesis that microraptorines and
archaeopterygids were sprawling quadrupeds that glided from tree to