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Re: Microraptor Wings

Two of Anthony Docimo's e-mails rescued from truncation:

>  >  If you can find it check out the (hilarious) mock paper published in th=
>  >  Journal of Irreproducible Results suggesting that Archaeopteryx rode
>  >  sauropods=2C and used its wings to steer them into clouds of insects!
  Wouldn't it have made more sense*  to develop either the end of the flesh-=
and-bone tail or the backward-facing toes=2C into better cowboy spurs?
  or is it suggesting the wings steered by covering the sauropod eyes?

In any case, Archie didn't have any backward-facing toes.

But one question lingers:  I thought sauropods only had weak teeth suitabl=
e for nipping leaves off trees.

Well, no. The teeth of diplodocoids and derived titanosaurs are comparable to chisels and were used for raking, ripping and some cutting; those of the other sauropods were very robust and (to varying degrees) spoon-like -- in camarasaurids, the extreme case, each toothrow was a continuous zigzag line that occluded nicely with the other, forming a great cutting apparatus.