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Re: Woman against Abelisaur

From: Ben Creisler

Eyes are a vulnerable spot on crocodiles but the heavy headgear on some
abelisaurids like Carnotaurus would make striking the eyes tougher. How
much non-weapon equipment does she have? Since she's a mercenary, maybe
she'd have combat boots, some belts or cords and a rain poncho. She could
find and sharpen a long stick.

Provided she has the time, she could remove her combat boots and fill them
with rocks, then tie them together with a cord or belt. 
She could use her left hand to wave a poncho on a stick like a cape at  a
charging Carnotaurus to distract its attack downward and to the side.
When it lowered its head, she could try to strike an eye with a  combat
boot filled with rocks and swung hard on a chord or belt using her right

Once the dinosaur is blind in one eye, it should be confused and she could
stay out of its line of sight more easily. At the right moment, she could
use the pair of rock-laden combat-boots attached together with a cord like
a bolo to entangle its feet the way hunters of rheas did in South America.
Once it fell (maybe after a push in the right direction so it falls with
its blinded eye up), she could thrust the stick into its blinded eye to try
to get at its brain. Of course, a DML expert on abelisaur braincase anatomy
could suggest the best way to do that....

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