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Re: Precocial young Re: Yabeinosaurus, earliest viviparous squamate

On Tue, 19 Jul 2011, David Marjanovic wrote:

 How much parental care is there with these live birth reptiles?

In squamates? None that I can think of.

 Does this mean parental care evolved with live birth, or would the
 young have been first been precocial, and parental care evolving

These two characters are independent. You can have live birth without parental care (as in at least some extant live-bearing squamates), and you can have parental care without live birth (as in extant crocodiles and birds).

Thanks, not quite what I was thinking of. If there is live birth without
parental care, then they're precocial young. If there is live birth
with parental care, then they're not precocial. I wasn't clear on that.