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RE: Supernova link to Rancholabrean fauna extinction?

In fact, Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian and his colleagues now have more
Clovis and pre-Clovis sites in the Delmarva Peninsula (coastal Delaware and
Maryland) than the rest of North America combined (or did as of a few years
ago). Evidence for a European origin is very strong for at least this one
early migration. South America may certainly have others. So the
colonization of the Americas is probably real complex.


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From: Ben Creisler

The question of whether humans were agents in the extinction of the
macrofauna in the Americas may be one more of technology (Clovis weapons)
than physical presence. There is better and better evidence for pre-Clovis
humans in the Americas thousands of years before the mass extinctions of
megafauna. People were almost certainly in the Americas by about 15,000
years ago. Clovis culture does not emerge until around 13,500 years ago
with the mass extinctions around 12,900. (The dates are calibrated calendar
dates, not raw radiocarbon dates.)

At present, even earlier dates are still shaky. See the link to this recent
news article, which raises the possibility of humans hunting glyptodonts in
South America as far back as 29,000 years ago. I'm not vouching for it
without seeing a formal description of the material, but it's


>The lengths that people will go to in order to say "it was anything but
>This human arrivals; the fact that unlike all other mass extinctions these
>exclusively terrestrial macrofauna; etc. 

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