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Hey! I woke up!

Something you don't want your  doctor to tell you: "You are a surgeon's 
worst nightmare". I had quite the  intense operation, I gather, with multiple 
doctors essentially working on two  procedures at the same time.  The culprit 
is rectal cancer. They got most  of it along with a large chunk of Dan 
Varner real estate. It bought me some time  and room for the doctors to work in 
if it acts up again.  I'm back home now  and look forward to my first 
non-medical day tomorrow. I'm feeling good and  healing quickly, my only big 
compaint being the catheter they forgot to remove  after the operation. 
I didn't have a computer at the  hospital, so initially I missed all your 
messages voicing concern about my  health. Your support and love have helped 
me a great deal, it turns out. Thank  you so much. Also I urge everyone to 
have a colonoscopy and possibly save  yourselves from what I'm going through. 
Thanks again. Now back to dinosaurs. Dan