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Re: Hey! I woke up!

So glad to hear you are home. Take it easy, relax, and get some rest.

On Sun, July 24, 2011 3:54 am, Danvarner@aol.com wrote:
> Something you don't want your  doctor to tell you: "You are a surgeon's
> worst nightmare". I had quite the  intense operation, I gather, with
> multiple
> doctors essentially working on two  procedures at the same time.  The
> culprit
> is rectal cancer. They got most  of it along with a large chunk of Dan
> Varner real estate. It bought me some time  and room for the doctors to
> work in
> if it acts up again.  I'm back home now  and look forward to my first
> non-medical day tomorrow. I'm feeling good and  healing quickly, my only
> big
> compaint being the catheter they forgot to remove  after the operation.
> I didn't have a computer at the  hospital, so initially I missed all your
> messages voicing concern about my  health. Your support and love have
> helped
> me a great deal, it turns out. Thank  you so much. Also I urge everyone to
> have a colonoscopy and possibly save  yourselves from what I'm going
> through.
> Thanks again. Now back to dinosaurs. Dan

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