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Re: Sloping terrain Re: Woman against Abelisaur

On Mon, Jul 25th, 2011 at 3:19 PM, Tim Williams <tijawi@gmail.com> wrote:

> _Paralititan_, another giant sauropod, lived in a mangrove swamp...

Just because something died in a particular environment doesn't necessarily 
mean it lived there 
habitually. Archaeopteryx remains are often found in aquatic sediments, for 
instance, but what if 
that means they had a high probability of dying if they attempted to cross 
large water bodies, 
rather than being proof that they always lived close to water?

Fossilisation after all tends to record a creature's death rather than it's 
life. A creature that finds 
itself in an environment it isn't well suited to may well have a higher 
probability of dying than 


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