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And here's to you, Mr. Robinson

Just a note to celebrate the life of a friend and colleague, from whose funeral 
I have just now returned.

John Robinson was Professor of Physics here at my university.  In 1995 he, Matt 
Smith, and I published an (only somewhat) tongue in cheek paper in Journal of 
Vertebrate Paleontology, in which we calculated the impact forces that would 
afflict a _Tyrannosaurus_ were it to trip while moving at speed.  This was 
followed up in 2000 in a paper in American Zoologist, in which John, Tom Holtz, 
Steve Gatesy, and I did a review of various aspects of theropod locomotion.  
Finally, John was a co-author of a paper in the forthcoming (after MANY years) 
Burpee Symposium on tyrannosaur biology.

John was a great guy, with a splendid sense of humor, who got quite a kick out 
of his occasional forays into dinosaur paleontology.  He died after a heroic 
four-year struggle against pancreatic cancer.

So here's to his memory.  I wish we could write more papers together.....