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Re: Sloping terrain Re: Woman against Abelisaur

Pet peeve alert!

On 26.07.2011 17:47 CEST, Habib, Michael, wrote:

 On Jul 26, 2011, at 3:17 AM, "Don Ohmes" <d_ohmes@yahoo.com> wrote:

> How could someone "distrust math"?
> I just become skeptical when a mathematician predicts a reality
> does not exist, and then ignores it when it does.

 See above. Besides, are you really going to just punt and argue that
 because you think I was wrong previously that I must be wrong now on
 something relatively unrelated? Honestly, that's a bit of a cop out.
 Let's watch the ad hominems as well, shall we?

Why "as well"? "You've been wrong before, so you're probably wrong again" _is_ an ad-hominem argument. It commits the logical fallacy of believing that _people_ are wrong; in reality, _ideas_ are wrong, regardless of who happens to utter them.

 I made a prediction about power outputs, that's all. It seems to hold
 true, but it might not be quite right. Don't go accusing me (or
 others) of "ignoring reality". It's just purposefully inflammatory.

It is not, however, an ad-hominem argument.

"Inflammatory" and "ad hominem" are orthogonal to each other.