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Re: Greg Paul is right (again); or "Archie's not a birdy"

On Wed, July 27, 2011 7:03 pm, Mike Taylor wrote:

> That is true; there are also people who do not respect the ICZN, but
> we don't invite them to our parties.  Of course, the PhyloCode is not
> doing itself any favours by NOT IMPLEMENTING; in the mean time, we can
> hardly blame people for following some kind of informal system of
> precedence-when-they-feel-like it.

Oh, absolutely!!

> Meanwhile, among adherents of phylogenetic nomenclature, the only
> people I know of who don't support the PhyloCode are Sereno and some
> of his students.  There may be others, but they're not known to me.

It is my understanding that the extended AMNH group (i.e., many of the
present and former AMNH paleontologists) are not really on-board. And
Benton, of course: he has certainly proposed some phylogenetic taxonomic
names (like "Avemetatarsalia"), but is on record as being no fan of the PC

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