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Re: Greg Paul is right (again); or "Archie's not a birdy"

 Based on the shape of the wings of the basal chiropteran
 _Onychonycteris_, Simmons et al. (2008) suggest that it had an
 undulating flight style in which fluttering alternated with gliding,
 and, therefore that _Onychonycteris_ represents a transitional stage
 between gliding and continuous flapping. So on this basis, bats (or
 rather their ancestors) passed through a gliding stage.

Undulating flight means alternating between fluttering and a purely ballistic phase with completely folded wings. Lots of small birds fly that way. No gliding in there.

> If bats did go through a gliding phase, then that could be
> rephrased as: 'the mammals that never made it past gliding are
> exclusively herbivores'. :D

 That's an interesting point.

Too bad that *Volaticotherium* destroys it.