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Re: Foraminacephale gen. nov.

To avoid nomina nuda, I recommend to disclaim the new taxa made in a
dissertation, by expliciting it in the printed volume, acording to the
International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, Chapter 3, Article 8:
8.2 and 8.3


I made this in my PhD thesis

J. Ignacio

> Note that this is a thesis, and this provided name is not technically 
> published, or recognized otherwise by the ICZN. Just getting that out there.
> Cheers,
>  Jaime A. Headden

>> via http://www.mesozoico.com.ar
>> Schott, R.K. 2011. Ontogeny, diversity, and systematics of
>> pachycephalosaur dinosaurs from the Belly River Group of Alberta.
>> Master of Science thesis. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary
>> Biology University of Toronto, 173 pp.
>> https://tspace.library.utoronto.ca/handle/1807/27360
>> Includes a new genus: Foraminacephale gen. nov., with a single species
>> Foraminacephale brevis (Lambe 1918)
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>> Jose Ignacio Ruiz-Omenaca
>> Museo del Jurasico de Asturias (MUJA)
>> E-33328 Colunga, Spain
>> www.dinoastur.com
>> www.museojurasicoasturias.com
>> www.aragosaurus.com
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