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Daohugou Beds (was RE: Greg Paul is right (again); or "Archie's not a birdy")

Actually, the age of the Daohugou Beds remain in play, and still may yet turn 
out to be Middle Jurassic (or at least at the MJ/LJ


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>   "It turns out"? My understanding, apart from the potential 
> of certain fossils from the Jurassic of the Morrison and 
> southern China, is that the Daohugou fauna continues to be 
> considered Late Jurassic, and likely Kimmeridgian.

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> > << And no abbreviated tails until the Cretaceous
> > > unless new LJ fossils show otherwise.
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> > What about *Epidexipteryx*? >>
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> > It looks like Epi is turning out to be as earlier suspected E Cret.
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