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Mexican dinosaur discoveries and other stuff in Spanish

From: Ben Creisler

Here are links to two news stories in Spanish about new dinosaur
discoveries in Coahuila state in Mexico.

Th first link goes to a story about the femur of a duckbill dinosaur found
in Coahuila. The bone shows bite marks from a large carnivore, presumably a
tyrannosaur. To date, no evidence in the form of teeth or bones from
tyrannosaurs has been found in Coahuila region according to the article.
However, one other possible case of tyrannosaur bite marks comes from bones
of a giant crocodilian (I presume Deinosuchus). 

The second link has more information on new discoveries in Coahuila. The
news article mentions a new unnamed taxon of giant hadrosaur (possibly 13 m
long) and a new horned centrosaurine dinosaur.

The titles of some pending articles in the Revista Mexicana de Ciencias
Geológicas can be seen at the link below (no abstracts yet), including a
description of Deinosuchus remains, a ceratopsian horncore, and evidence of
nodosaurs, all from Mexico. I suspect at least some of these articles may
appear in the August issue mentioned in the first news story.


The contents of the December 2010 issue of Ameghiniana have recently been
posted for free download at:


The first article is about titanosaur embryos (in Spanish).

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