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Dinosaur image gallery

From: Ben Creisler

With a bit of a lull in new scientific articles on dinosaur-related topics
at the moment, I thought this item might be OK to post, given that dinosaur
art is a DML topic from time to time. Below is a link to a new commercial
dino-art image gallery:


The initial set on the index page is not all the images available. You can
also try "prehistoric," "prehistoric animals," and "dinosaur" in keyword
search for some additional images.

I'm not quite sure what audience some of these royalty-free images are
intended for. Some look fairly accurate and have nice atmospheric
qualities, but others are scientifically questionable such as Camarasaurus
confronting Velociraptors together with an exaggerated Moon in the sky, or
Tyrannosaurus terrorizing a pack of Lesothosaurus. Given the obvious time
and effort that went into the images, more attention to coexisting species
might have been a good idea. 

The fantasy scenes of robots, UFOs, reptoids, cars, and Atlantis alongside
dinosaurs are fun but not likely to grace serious articles....

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