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Re: Dinosaur image gallery

Maybe someone can use those images as proof that Theropods never closed their 


On Jun 7, 2011, at 3:22 PM, bh480@scn.org wrote:

> From: Ben Creisler
> bh480@scn.org
> With a bit of a lull in new scientific articles on dinosaur-related topics
> at the moment, I thought this item might be OK to post, given that dinosaur
> art is a DML topic from time to time. Below is a link to a new commercial
> dino-art image gallery:
> http://www.stocktrekimages.com/index.asp
> The initial set on the index page is not all the images available. You can
> also try "prehistoric," "prehistoric animals," and "dinosaur" in keyword
> search for some additional images.
> I'm not quite sure what audience some of these royalty-free images are
> intended for. Some look fairly accurate and have nice atmospheric
> qualities, but others are scientifically questionable such as Camarasaurus
> confronting Velociraptors together with an exaggerated Moon in the sky, or
> Tyrannosaurus terrorizing a pack of Lesothosaurus. Given the obvious time
> and effort that went into the images, more attention to coexisting species
> might have been a good idea. 
> The fantasy scenes of robots, UFOs, reptoids, cars, and Atlantis alongside
> dinosaurs are fun but not likely to grace serious articles....
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