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Re: Dinosaur image gallery

@Paul P: The watermark's a measure to prevent image theft...
>From what I could tell the two guys doing these are knowledgeable
enough to not do the most common mistakes with dinosaurs though I'm
not so sure with synapsids: scaly skin and one or two ear ducts for

@Donna: Well, given that I'm familiar with the various terrain
generators available, such as Terragen (which seems to be what was
used here) I think these are your run-o'-the-mill output. Not an
eyesore but nothing to write home about. As such these are only crude
approximations at best in the geology department. Compare:
http://browse.deviantart.com/?order=5&q=terragen . Most of the better
ones there have to be edited after the initial rendering for full
effect and even then they're art for art's sake.

Renato Santos