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Re: Dinosaur image gallery

Yes, Vue is a great package for creating landscapes.  You could create entire 
ecosystems with correct Mesozoic plants that obey the laws of nature.  You 
could create the correct types of sediments and even animate depositions.  You 
could tailor a large swath of land to create a landscape complete with 
dinosaurs that you could manipulate a camera through as well.  It relatively 
"easy" to use and there are good online tutorials as well.  I think if you 
download the free version it comes with a step by step tutorial of creating a 
simple scene.  If anyone has ever wanted to try this kind of thing this is an 
ideal opportunity.  
  Sadly, Vue is also the program that I swear a the top of my lungs at the 
most.  Frequent crashes and bugs, not to mention a $300+ upgrade every few 

On Jun 8, 2011, at 11:17 PM, david wrote:

> I'm not convinced with these images. There are far better 3D works going on...
> here Dino Raul working in Poser + DAZ + Vue:
> http://www.contentparadise.com/searchimageviewdetail.aspx?seller=Dinoraul
> You get the meshes for prices around $20.
> Vue is one of the more powerful landscaping packages out there.