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New Shapeways Dinos

  Hello all.

  I've created some new 3D models for printing and loaded them at Shapeways for 
viewing ( or buying if you like).  
I had an ancient Agustinia model in my computer that I thought I should use, so 
in keeping with the idea for the Microsaur series I thought I'd make others 
that are also from the same formation.  Trouble was...there was not that many 
dinos from the Lohan Cura formation that would work or be visible to the naked 
eye in 1/144th scale.  I opened it up to the Candeleros formation for a more 
dynamic range of dinosaurs.
  In this series I made Agustinia, Giganotosaurus, Ekrixinatosaurus and soon 

  Here is the Shapeways link


  There are also some nice paint jobs and dioramas people have done located on 
this thread.  THere are some crappy pics of the new models near the end of the