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New Poster SCG 2011 of Caribbean Jurassic Animals

On behalf of Manuel Iturrade,

New Poster SCG 2011 of Caribbean Jurassic Animals,

These are the vertebrates we have been able to identify in the Late Jurassic 
Oxfordian Jagua Vieja member of the Jagua Formation of Western Cuba.

Best Regards,

"The occurrence of Jurassic land and coastal sediments in western Cuba is 
well-known, but despite many years of search with Juan Gallardo and other 
coleagues, no other than the specimen found by Carlos de la Torre early last 
century show up. We dis look for dinosaurs bones in Puerto Rico, Hispaniola and 
Cuba during several field seasons, but again a s yet, this search has been 
unsuccessful, perhaps because rocks of late Cretaceous age are strongly 
weathered and the potential bones are hard to find on the surface. But I will 
continue to search." 

Manuel A. Iturralde-Vinent, en National Geographic, 2002