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Re: not exactly dinosaur feet

Might want to check with Stuart Sumida.  His email is



On Jun 13, 2011, at 6:59 AM, James Farlow wrote:

> Hello, folks:
> I'm trying to save myself some time with the following request.
> Do any of you know--just off the top of your head--of museum collections that 
> have particularly complete hindfoot (pes) skeletons of basal crocodilians (in 
> the broad sense) and "thecodonts"  (phytosaurs, rauisuchians, aetosaurs, 
> etc.)?  I am particularly interested in forms with complete, or nearly 
> complete sets of pedal phalanges.
> If your institution has such specimens, particularly if they are available 
> for loan (good casts will suffice for my purposes), please contact me 
> privately.
> cheers