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re: searching for papers

Sorry for the cross-posting, my first attempt didn't work

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Fabio Dalla Vecchia wrote:

Hi guys,
I need the pdf of some papers:

DUBEY, V. S. & NARAIN, K. (1946): A note on the occurrence of Pterosauria in India. Current Science, 15: 287-288.

PRASAD, G. V. R. (1989): Vertebrate fauna from the infra- and intertrappean beds of Andhra Pradesh: age implications. Journal of the Geological Society of India, 34: 161-173.

Apthorpe, M.C., 1979. Depositional history of the upper Cretaceous of the Northwest Shelf, based on Foraminifera. APEA Journal, 19: 74-89.

Henderson, R.A. and McNamara, K.J., 1985. Maastrichtian non-eteromorph ammonites from the Miria Formation, Western Australia. Palaeontology, 28: 35-88

Can you help me?

Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia, PhD
Institut Catalan de Paleontologia "M. Crusafont"
C/ Escola Industrial 23
E-08201 Sabadell