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RE: Dinosaur Gangs

> There's been quite a bit of noise about writing a book rather than a peer
reviewed paper but Jack Horner did the same with his scavenger theory. I
guess it depends on the book.
Phil's written at least two peer reviewed papers about his 'pack hunting' 
Currie, P.J. 2000. Possible evidence of gregarious behavior in tyrannosaurids. 
Gaia 15:271-277
Currie, P.J. and Eberth, D.A. 2010. On gregarious behavior in *Albertosaurus*. 
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 47(9):1277-1289.
> This one is not great and has been printed on bog paper which doesn't help.
Since it's not written by Phil himself I'm not surprised.

> Did Horner ever publish a paper on his obligate scavenger theory?

Good question. I know there's a paper in the 1994 Dino Fest volume. I believe 
they were peer reviewed, but could be wrong.
BTW - sorry if someone already responded with this info. I get the mailing list 
as a digest (only once a day) so sometimes I'm a bit behind the times. : )

Patty Ralrick, MSc
Drumheller, AB, Canada

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