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RE: Mosasaur bone structure and growth rates

Jaime Headden wrote-

>   I've noted the problem -- which most of us are aware of -- of publishing on 
> material or content that cannot be verified without extremes (or ever) here: 
> http://qilong.wordpress.com/2011/06/12/the-brush-narrow-and-broad/ In it, I 
> mentioned the (well known by now) case of KJ1 and KJ2, in which no one can 
> validate Bennett's arguments.

Among non-bird theropods, better stop publishing on...

most Halticosaurus material
Allosaurus? trihedrodon
"Megalosaurus" hungaricus
"Megalosaurus" insignis
Streptospondylus? cuvieri
a third of Jubbulpuria
most of Laevisuchus
Suchosaurus? girardi
Spinosaurus holotype
the holotype and Stromer's specimen of Carcharodontosaurus
Deinodon? grandis
"Ornithomimus" minutus
Nanshiungosaurus? bohlini
most of Alxasaurus
the IGM specimens of Therizinosaurus
most of Nanshiungosaurus
much of Segnosaurus

And this doesn't include the many taxa whose material doesn't have a reported 
repository, or those whose types have not been observed since initial 
description so very well may be lost.

Mickey Mortimer