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Avian synsacrum from Upper Cretaceous of Uzbekistan

From: Ben Creisler

Another new paper:

N. V. Zelenkov and A. O. Averianov (2011)
Synsacrum of a primitive bird from the Upper Cretaceous of Uzbekistan. 
Paleontological Journal 45(3): 314-319 
DOI: 10.1134/S0031030111030166 

A partial synsacrum of a primitive bird from the Zenge Kurgan 3 locality in
the Kyzyl Kum Desert (Uzbekistan) is described. The vertebrate fauna from
this locality is similar to that of the Bissekty Formation of the
Dzharakuduk locality (Central Kyzyl Kum, Uzbekistan); however, this
synsacrum differs considerably from all other synsacra from Dzharakuduk.
The taxonomic position of this bird remains uncertain; it is most similar
to some Enantiornithes, although it could have belonged to a primitive
ornithuromorph bird. The functional significance of structural differences
in the synsacrum of ornithurine and enantiornithine birds is discussed. 

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