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Re: America's earliest paleoartist authenticated

In a message dated 6/21/2011 8:16:31 PM Eastern  Daylight Time, 
bh480@scn.org writes:

Since paleoart is a frequent topic  on the DML, this story might fit. In
this case, it's a paleoartist who worked  from a live specimen. Of course,
Europeans can top this any day in terms of  paleolithic paintings and
artifacts, but it's neat to learn that this  all-American item is real.
(Unlike the "dinosaur" rock art recently debunked  as a mud streak....)

Wait a minute. Hate to break this  bubble, but Charles R Knight did a much 
better job on this image when he  originally created it 1909. He was 
All-American, though. From Brooklyn,  even. See upper painting (note leg 
positions). Sorry for the huge  url.