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Re: America's earliest paleoartist authenticated

Dan wrote:

> Charles R Knight did a much better job on this image
> when he originally created it 1909

Hmm! Interesting -- and suspicious -- match -- as though it was copied.
I see your point. (But, then, that's why the paper addressed the age

[However, on the vert paleo list, Dan also wrote:]

> I'd like to add here that it would very unusual to
> see such an ancient engraving drawn in perspective
> a 3/4 view as in Knight's painting.

At first glance, I, too, thought the engraved image showed perspective
-- with the far hind leg, especially. Then I decided it was
because the bottom parts of the legs/feet weren't discernible. Weird,

Oh, and here's a tinier URl. The Knight image in question is at the
bottom of the page.

-- Donna Braginetz