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Re: America's earliest paleoartist authenticated

Lots of nudibranchs in Utah back then, were there?

Still, I kile the collembolan idea...

 Ronald Orenstein
1825 Shady Creek Court
Mississauga, ON L5L 3W2

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Mammoth and brontothere --- hogwash. The blue engraving on the right is 
clearly a nudibranch and the one on the left is a symphylan arthropod or 
maybe a collembolan.  That's what it looks like TO ME.


On 6/22/2011 6:38 PM, quailspg@frii.com wrote:
> Obviously there was too much flipping back and forth between pictures
> so I mis-remembered which legs of the mammoth engraving looked
> unfinished. At any rate, the emphasis on the stride and the beautifully
> nuanced front leg and shoulder are exceptional.
> HOWEVER... check out this NAT GEO page from earlier this year:
> No word on the possible age of this art from Utah, but it's very
> intriguing. Also, in the comments section, someone has suggested that
> the second animal may be a brontothere. Could this be possible?
> -- Donna Braginetz