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Re: GSP statement on use of my dinosaur restorations

Wasn't there an attempt to organize a paleoart guild a few years back--maybe at SVP?


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Subject: Re: GSP statement on use of my dinosaur restorations

If anyone wants to bring this conversation into public, I'll happily
give space on my blog for this discussion, either in the form of
interviews or guest posts. I also suggest pitching this as a
discussion topic at the next ScienceOnline conference - Glendon Mellow
has been moderating panels there for a few years about art and
science, so there's precedent for this sort of subject there. Many of
the big science bloggers (and scientist-bloggers) attend, and I
personally found the experience invaluable this year. This isn't a
web-only issue, but it's certainly part of the landscape the web is
changing so much. And if one of the legends of paleoart was part of
it, it would make a huge impact, I'm sure. Just something to consider,
another way to flesh things out. Pun intended.

If you want to check out my ScienceOnline coverage, find it with this
one simple link: http://chasmosaurs.blogspot.com/search/label/scio11

David Orr